Transportainments Specialized Expertise

I have been in the Transportainments business since 2014. I’ve worked with a wide variety of Transportainment providers and all sorts customers. I coordinated experiences in many types of settings.

I do two things:

1. I help people build their business and coach them for greater success. My speciality areas are working with pedicabs, party buses, art cars and tricked out Electric Vehicles (EVs such as golf carts). I work with individuals, teams and fleet owners.

2. I coordinated complex transportation solutions for clients ranging from professional sports teams, to celebrities, to corporations, music festivals and private parties of any kind imaginable.

I’m really good at it because:

  • This is my calling
  • I know the things that get overlooked and I account for them – saving money, and headaches for everyone.
  • I’m a reliable communicator
  • I listen carefully to understand your idea
  • I am resourceful and synthesize complex information into solutions
  • I see the vision of my clients and I develop a plan to make it a reality.

I’m best known to give a clear game plan for those who are:

  • New, want to start or grow in the Transportainment industry.
  • Customers who are looking to coordinate transportainments into their event.

I bring the vision alive for both sides. I help those who want to make money with their unique vehicle and those who want to make amazing experiences in these rigs.

I love what what I do and it shows!

There are not many professionals who specialize in consulting for the business of unique and unusual vehicles which are also entertaining. I do it out of my pure passion to see a world with crazy vehicles driving around and people enjoying the hell out of them. It’s a more joyful world. All aboard!

Let’s talk …

You have questions, ideas, offers and need to know more, yes? I’m available to help you.