Transportainments is an emerging market and it can be tricky to navigate your new business, set up gigs, and maneuver through the legalities. I will help you with all of that…


I am a professional blogger, vlogger and cultural creator. I feature people, ideas, and products to further trends in Transportainments and related topics. To be featured…


You can market your business and products as I grow the Transportainment culture. I accept opportunities for sponsorships, endorsements, affiliate marketing and more…

Julie Green Transportainments Art Car in New Orleans

I want to grow an emerging market! One that makes the world a more fun and authentic place!

(and while I’m at it, talk more about you and your products.)

I have a vision and a mission to see a world full of vehicles that are as unique as their drivers. I am aiming to make vehicle customizing as common and as cool as tattoos. I want to see this as a thing that people can easily get into and then, they get a lot out of it. I’m here to make that happen. I am a powerful conduit for those who are also into this goal. I write about the transportainment industry and I want to get the word out about how you fit into it.

If you are new to this,
or have a changing project,
or a special event,
or logistic issues,
or legal hurdles pertaining to transportainment, I do individual consolations for your transportainment needs.

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