I grow an emerging market.
One that makes the world a more fun and authentic place.
It’s called


My vision….

Imagine a world where vehicles are as unique as their drivers. I aim to make vehicle customizing as common and as cool as tattoos. I see this paradigm as a means for self expression and an accessible business. I’m making it happen and sharing my passion with those who are also into this goal.

I see pimped out pedicabs, art cars, party buses and contraptions used for transportation AND entertainment. They are available and hired by experience seekers everywhere. They provide experiences within other experiences, like festivals, sporting events, special events and cruising. I’d like to see a transportainment airlines. I dream about a Transportainment space shuttle.

I have Transportainment fever. It’s really contagious and a joy to have!

Do you know feel when you are around an amazing and unique vehicle. It’s great! The bystanders, the passengers and the drivers are all enjoying it. Selfies and social media posts flurry. Transportainments is awesome. It’s more than an experience, it a cultural trend blossoming right before our eyes. And I’m totally stoked about it.

My mission…

I write about the Transportainment industry. I promote it. I advocate for it. Also, I am a broker of Transportainment providers and a business coach.

I am the experienced key professional you need if you are:

— new to this,
— have a challenging project,
— a special event,
— logistic issues,
— legal hurdles
— or simply need advice pertaining to anything Transportainment.

My scope of expertise includes coordinating people who are either providing the ride or people who are hiring the Transportainment vehicles like , pedicabs, party buses, art cars, and contraptions. I find solutions, advocate and coach my clients. I have coordinated 100’s of events for Transportainment experiences. It’s specialized logistic services. I’ve coached dozens of people getting into the business.

I want to know about your ideas and share some the insights I’ve picked up in the last 5 years in the industry. You can learn more and discuss your ideas with me on a free 30 minute consultation. Lets chat. Request an appointment or send me an email.

Contact me at

Julie Green Transportainments Art Car in New Orleans
Julie Green of Transportainments is posing in an Art Car in New Orleans
Consulting by Julie Green


Transportainments is an gaining momentum and it can be tricky to navigate your new business, set up gigs, and maneuver through the legalities. I will help you with all of that…


I am a professional blogger, vlogger and content creator. I feature people, ideas, and products to further trends in Transportainments and related topics. To be featured…


You can market your business and products. I’m seeking opportunities for sponsorships, endorsements, affiliate marketing and more…

So now what…

Set an appointment for a consultation. Its easy.

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