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All aboard! 

There are many examples of transportainment out there but this one just amazing. It’s a decorated train full of jolly holiday characters interacting with passengers, singing songs, reading stories, and giving gifts. I absolutely Fa-La-La-love it and I can’t wait to try it myself.

Imagine the 6 year old YOU, getting on a train that is bound to visit Santa Clause. The excitement! The anticipation! Then while on the train, you meet Santa himself and you get your first holiday gift of the season. Mrs. Clause and the elves are joining in too, giving you hot chocolate and cooing about what a great kid you are. Its a dream come true for tots and anyone who is a kid at heart  (like myself). 

Want a ticket? Here’s discount code for you! Click here

It’s a thing! Ho Ho Ho!

It’s based off of the holiday read-aloud bedtime story The Polar Express  by Chris Van Allsburg. The classic tale is about a boy who, on Christmas Eve, takes the Polar Express train to Santa’s Workshop and receives a special gift.  Now it’s available to be experienced fully immersed, in person, on a real train, filled with excited folks enjoying the holiday spirit with singing and dancing all around.  

Ding! Ding! Tickets Please! 

I feel very lucky to have this experience available here in New Orleans from December 9th to January 1st. Get New Orleans tickets here. Tickets range from $48 -$68 for adults, and $38- $58 for children, depending if you choose a peak time or not. (I have a discount code for New Orleans riders below) The ride is an hour long and circles the city, starting and ending at the Amtrak Train Station. The popular times sell out fast, so be sure to get your tickets early. I suspect the growing popularity will cause sell-outs to happen even faster than previous years. 

These tickets are hotter than a burning yule time log! And way more fun! Watch the video

This is the third year for this event in New Orleans and it’s already turning into a family tradition for many. Some participants fully indulge the experience by arriving in matching pajamas or bringing their letter to Santa with them. The staff is very friendly. There is a store and plenty of photo ops too. I hear it gets a little crazy when you show up to the station’s will call area because of the children’s excitement but its managed well and once on board the show begins.

Want a ticket? Here’s discount code for you! Click here

On Social Media

Here is the Polar Express Facebook page. Give it a like and stay up to date with all the happenings.

If you’re not in New Orleans you can still join in the fun!

The joyful experience of the Polar Express is available in over 50 locations around the world, including 44 in the United States. It’s brought to you by Rail Events Inc, Amtrak and Warner Bros. Consumer Products Inc. Rail Events has been doing this sort of thing since 2000 and have events like this on over 60 railway systems around the world. Their story is here.

It’s a brilliant form of transportainment! Woooo! Wooooo!
Want a ticket? Here’s discount code for you! Click here

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