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I believe that the world of transportation has become too homogenized. It’s so cookie-cutter and clone-like that it bothers me. I feel individuality and creativity should be celebrated and encouraged, therefore I promote all things That encourage self-expression on vehicles.

I have personally experienced and provided amazing life-changing experiences for people who enjoyed time in a nonconventional vehicle. Over the years and with different types of vehicles, I have witnessed people who have had peek life experiences from participation with unique onwe of a kind vehicles first hand. I’ve seen people who have transformative experiences as passengers as well as, the providers or creators of unusual rigs. Its freaking amazing! The experience can be so profound that it actually changes people. Many times, I saw how these experiences change people’s view of the world into a more joyful and positive perspective. They are inspired and motivated. It moves people to be a more authentic version of themselves. It’s really powerful.

Art Cars, Party Buses, Pedicabs, Contraptions….

Maybe you experienced this yourself? Perhaps you had a taste, or maybe you ate the whole cake (craving more) , and you know what I’m talking about. Early adopters and trendsetters? This is for you.

Or maybe you have seen a form of art car or party bus from afar and thought, “Thats so cool! I want to try that.” Yes?

I need to connect with you! I need your help. I am growing a vision of a world that has more crazy vehicles in it. Its a world where those vehicles more accessible for people to enjoy. I already see the trend of people expressing themselves with their vehicle, similar to the way a tattoo is an expression of individuality. It’s also similar to the way a costume can bring out a character aspect that reflects a truer version of yourself.

I am nurturing a fad that is morphing into a culture and growing into a multifaceted industry that includes:
providers of unique vehicles that entertain,
logistic coordinators,
new products,
new services,
and ultimately a culture.

Core values of this culture are:
1. Encourage Individuality
2. Promote Authenticity
3. Celebrate Creativity 
4. Honor Diversity.

Yes!  All good stuff, for sure!

This is grassroots

Its a grassroots movement and it comes from individuals doing what they love and sharing it with the world. Everyone wins!

Will you join me to make this happen? It’s going to happen. Actually, it is already happening but let’s get a community going. Lets develop the culture of unique vehicles so that it empowers people to express themselves and enjoy a more colorful, enchanting, whimsical life.

Follow me. I’m driving a revolution. Get in and enjoy! Help spread the word. This is going to be a blast and one hell of a trip.

All aboard!

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I am an entertaining vehicle specialist, blogger, vlogger, business coach, and project manager. I love everything about the concept of making entertaining vehicls seen everywhere. I want to see unique and unusual vehicles out and driving around, to be used for self-expression, and as means to make money.

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